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220 volts 50 Hz Semi-automatic Coffee Maker

220 volts 50 Hz Semi-automatic Coffee Maker

Copper Boiler system, steam and coffee brewing are separated; Copper boiler with 2 in-built coffee brewing sub-boiler; Volumetric control system with continuous brewing button.

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    TL 3088
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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Product Details

220 volts 50 Hz Semi-automatic Coffee Maker Copper boiler 2 groups commercial Multi-function coffee machine

1 Automatic water refill system.
2 Constant temperature water all the time.
3 Digital panel, easy understanding and operation.
4 Brass brewing group,keep the stable temperature.
5 Imported pump and flow meter,keep stable water pressure and accurate flow.
6 Professional copper exchange boiler system,keep the stable temperature and dry powerful steam.
7 With steam and pump pressure gauge.Show the pump pressure and steam pressure.


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