Manual Control Dough Moulding machine

Dough (filling) block of dough dividing machine, also known machine, the main role is precisely the bread dough into a certain size according to its volume of dough.
The Dough Divider advanced design, the whole body imported stainless steel material, elegant appearance, good performance, ease of use, the divided dough (filling) weight accuracy, operation time is short, can save a lot of labor. The machine realizes the equal amount of block by circulating the tray up and down through the worktable to make the material and the cutter cutter disc contact and separate. The product can divide dough and moon cakes and other fillings, each time 36 parts, low noise, high efficiency,evenly divided,Each piece can weigh from 30 grams to 140 grams. This product is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, food processing plants, bakeries and other places.
Cast iron paint body, no paint stripping, beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable.
Manually press to complete the block, no need to be powered, can be used at home and abroad, especially suitable for areas with power shortage.
The whole machine adopts detachable design (table top, vertical), and the machine head has a rotatable design, which is very convenient for cleaning the tool holder. The first in China, unique, easy to clean, easy to move, easy to use, small footprint,low noise, high efficiency, no face, no sticky surface, evenly divided, giving you a perfect experience.
It can be divided into 36 pieces at a time, each weighing 30~120g, with high working efficiency and wide application range. (You can also order 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 26 pieces, 30 pieces, etc. according to customers' needs)
Save time and effort, energy saving and high efficiency, food grade stainless steel blades and block plates, safe and sanitary without pollution.
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