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Benchu  is developed blending in various disciplines. Knowledge such as computer science, information technology, automatic control technology, and mechanical engineering are considered and adopted in its development.


1.Is the product price reasonable?
First of all, we have our own factory. We strictly control the quality of our products. Therefore, the price of our products is factory direct selling price.
2.Has the product obtained export related certificates?
Most of our products have obtained the EU CE certification and the United States UL certificate, please rest assured to buy!
3.Logistics transportation problem?
We can help you to contact the logistics and transport to ensure that your goods arrive safely at your designated port!


1.Our products all over the world Worth your trust !
2.DESIGN & CONSULTANCY:Turn-key design consultancy , acility planning and project scheduling
3.We have the ideas and expertise because we have been producing kitchen equipment for more than 20 years . We also hopethat cooperation will open a new world
4.KITCHEN EQUIPMENT SUPPLY :Supply of all equipment and stainless steel fabrication

About Benchu

Guangzhou Benchu Kitchen Equipment Co., a corporation which specialize in providing kitchen equipment with research and development, manufacture, sales and customer service all in one to create a kitchen equipment brand with international status as our mission. Benchu has been growing with pioneering spirit which runs business in both kitchen equipment project and hotel product project with professional design team, advanced modernized manufacturing equipments, high-tech management system and rich of kitchen project experience to provide high grade quality of our products and the best customer service. We trust growing with strong counterparts, we will be strong. Corporation culture responsible cooperativeInnovative Insistent.

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