New year shipment


Happy New Year

New year shipment
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1.How about the payment method?
T/I will be the best, It Is ok If you want to pay in anotherway. We can also meet your needs
2.Is the product price reasonable?
First of all, we have our own factory. We strictly control the quality of our products. Therefore, the price of our products is factory direct selling price.
3.Has the product obtained export related certificates?
Most of our products have obtained the EU CE certification and the United States UL certificate, please rest assured to buy!


1.We have the ideas and expertise because we have been producing kitchen equipment for more than 20 years . We also hopethat cooperation will open a new world
2.GUANGZHOU BENCHU KITCHEN EQUIPMENT CO , LTD is a corporation which specialize in providing kitchen equipment withresearch and development , manufacture , sales and customer service all in one to create a kitchen equipment brand with inter -national status as our mission
3.We accept OEM orders with your kitchen equipment
4.MEP ENGINEERING SERVICES :Coordination of mechanical , electrical and plumbing systems


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