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Commercial Customized 3.5KW Multi Burner Removable Type Cooking Stove Induction Combination Cooker

Easy unassemble and assemble each burner with a cooling fan
Precautions for selecting pot (bucket)
Please use the cookware with magnet (the material at the bottom can be absorbed by the magnet, such as #430 #409 material) or the cookware specified by the manufacturer.
Please choose 1-3mm single bottom soup bucket for the thickness of the bucket.
3500w, 5000w soup stove, please use 25-40cm diameter the soup bucket.
For 12kw and 15kw short soup stoves, please choose from 40cm to 70cm the soup bucket.5. If you have to choose the "pure steel pot", please send the sample barrel back to the factory for debugging, and after the commissioning is qualified then can use the barrel.

Benchu  has passed the following tests: technical furniture tests such as strength, durability, shock resistance, structural stability, material and surface tests, contaminants and harmful substances tests.


1.Our service
Our electrical products are all subject to a one-year warranty. If your machine has quality problems within one year, we can provide free replacement parts for you, but postage must be issued by you.
2.Logistics transportation problem?
We can help you to contact the logistics and transport to ensure that your goods arrive safely at your designated port!
3.Has the product obtained export related certificates?
Most of our products have obtained the EU CE certification and the United States UL certificate, please rest assured to buy!


1.GUANGZHOU BENCHU KITCHEN EQUIPMENT CO , LTD is a corporation which specialize in providing kitchen equipment withresearch and development , manufacture , sales and customer service all in one to create a kitchen equipment brand with inter -national status as our mission
2.We have the ideas and expertise because we have been producing kitchen equipment for more than 20 years . We also hopethat cooperation will open a new world
3.We accept OEM orders with your kitchen equipment
4.Vision : Worldwide leading enterprise devoted to commercial kitchen solutions

About Benchu

Guangzhou Benchu Kitchen Equipment Co., a corporation which specialize in providing kitchen equipment with research and development, manufacture, sales and customer service all in one to create a kitchen equipment brand with international status as our mission. Benchu has been growing with pioneering spirit which runs business in both kitchen equipment project and hotel product project with professional design team, advanced modernized manufacturing equipments, high-tech management system and rich of kitchen project experience to provide high grade quality of our products and the best customer service. We trust growing with strong counterparts, we will be strong. Corporation culture responsible cooperativeInnovative Insistent.

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