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Gas 1-Tank Fryer (1-Basket) With Cabinet
Model ZH-RC-1(F)
Gas ConsumptionLPG 2800-3700Pa(1.23kg/h)NG 2000-2500Pa(1.55m³/h)
Gas 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket) With Cabinet
Gas ConsumptionLPG 2800-3700Pa(2.46kg/h)NG 2000-2500Pa(3.12m³/h)

1The one stretch forming worktop is tough, tenacious and simple. it is also smooth and flat so that it will not collect dirt and can be completely cleaned.
2Heated with tube under a constant temperature, the oil in the tank is kept at the same temperature. The food is evenly heated so that the flavor and appearance is uniform.
3The large oil cold zone can assures that food outside the basket will not be burned, improving the utilization rate of the oil.

Benchu  complies with the safety standard. Tests carried out on raw yarn, finished textiles, garments, and accessories ensure the safety of the finished product.


1.How about the payment method?
T/I will be the best, It Is ok If you want to pay in anotherway. We can also meet your needs
2.Our service
Our electrical products are all subject to a one-year warranty. If your machine has quality problems within one year, we can provide free replacement parts for you, but postage must be issued by you.
3.Logistics transportation problem?
We can help you to contact the logistics and transport to ensure that your goods arrive safely at your designated port!


1.We have the ideas and expertise because we have been producing kitchen equipment for more than 20 years . We also hopethat cooperation will open a new world
2.Our products all over the world Worth your trust !
3.We accept OEM orders with your kitchen equipment
4.DESIGN & CONSULTANCY:Turn-key design consultancy , acility planning and project scheduling

About Benchu

Guangzhou Benchu Kitchen Equipment Co., a corporation which specialize in providing kitchen equipment with research and development, manufacture, sales and customer service all in one to create a kitchen equipment brand with international status as our mission. Benchu has been growing with pioneering spirit which runs business in both kitchen equipment project and hotel product project with professional design team, advanced modernized manufacturing equipments, high-tech management system and rich of kitchen project experience to provide high grade quality of our products and the best customer service. We trust growing with strong counterparts, we will be strong. Corporation culture responsible cooperativeInnovative Insistent.

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