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Automatic lift-up electric noodle boiler

Automatic lift-up electric noodle boiler

It is made of stainless steel and equipped with an intellectual automatic lifting system which has a simple shape and easy to remove.
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Product Details

Electric Noodle Boiler(Auto-Lift) 6 Baskets

Model IZML-6
Dimensions 545*750*1120mm
TEMP. 30~100℃


Electric Noodle Boiler(Auto-Lift) 3 Baskets

Model IZML-3
Dimensions 290*700*1120mm
TEMP. 30~100℃


1 Intelligent drive: adopt intelligent digital drive technology, one-button operation, no need to wait for human waiting, one person can handle several cooking noodles, save staff costs, unique digital timing function, time rises, automatically rises, each bowl ensure quality, taste can achieve first-class level.
2 Imported Italian thermostat, and unique under-blue forced heating function, heating temperature and heating time can all be standardized and controlled, easy to operate, at a glance, enterprises only need to formulate standardization process, no need for chef operation, easy for enterprises to expand rapidly.
3 Using the motor to drive the chain drive mode, ultra-quiet design, all stainless steel shell production, can be applied to the kitchen, Ming file and buffet table, intelligent temperature control, precise time control, automatic lifting, fully automated intelligent equipment, greatly enhance the corporate image.
4 There is a leak-proof device to prevent the surface slag from penetrating to the bottom, affecting the service life of the electric heating tube, and the bottom is equipped with a drain valve, which is easy to clean.
5 Each head of the automatic lifting and cooking noodle furnace, automatic lifting device and automatic timing device can be completely independent and independent operation, without mutual interference.


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